Natural and lab created Gemstones

In this new modern world, everyone loves to accesorize. With new and unique options coming out every season, there are a lot of options available when it comes to earrings, rings, bracelets and other popular jewelry items and accessories  Gemstones are just as important as the metal used in the jewelry. They can be natural or lab created depending on  the jewelry and designs. The purpose of lab made gemstones is not to trick people, they sometimes look better than the natural ones. 

The most common descriptions of gemstones are-Natural, Genuine, Enhanced, Treated, Natural, Created, Certified, Synthetic, Artificial, Man-Made, Simulated, Alternative, Faux, Fake. They are often even used interchangeably.

Here is what these terms mean-

A natural gemstone

There is no human interference or interaction needed in the making of a natural gemstone. The only human involvement is when they are mined, cut and polished. For a gemstone to be natural, it should not be enhanced, altered or treated. With new trends, the jewelry industry is also changing. There has been a high demand for natural looking gemstones in the market. Diamond rings are specially preferred more when they are made of natural gemstone. 

A genuine gemstone 

A genuine gemstone may be treated but is still a real gemstone. They are treated in order to enhance the cut or appearance. This is done to correct the imperfections in the natural stones. 

A lab created gemstone

They are made in labs with chemical composition of the natural stones. They are artificial, synthetic, lab-grown or man-made. Due to the chemical properties of a natural stone, they are sometimes referred to as real too.

A certified gemstone

They are certified by a gemologist. This assures their authenticity and also qualifies them on purity and other standards. It can be a little expensive but it provides a great deal of assurance. 

A simulated gemstone

Simulated gemstones are also called faux or fake gemstones and imitation gemstones as well. They are made to look like a real gemstone even though they have a different composition when compared to A simulant is created to "look like" another gemstone, although it has a distinct composition. They are also known as alternatives and maybe preferred more by the buyer. They aren’t made to scam or mislead. 

A brand name gemstone

It can be synthetic, real or natural and have business name rights in order to recognize them easily. They cost more than non branded ones.

The better choice

The better stone changes depending on your needs. Regardless of your choice, Gemaee has all the types of gemstones for your needs. There are a variety of colors, shapes, cuts and options available on our website from the top jewelers.  Shop now with Gemaee. 

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