What makes diamond and golden jewelry in Dubai different ?


Buying Diamonds and gold jewelry from Dubai is known worldwide for its stunning quality and incomparable design. Almost everyone we know loves wearing jewelry and some even adore it like no other. For some, jewelry is merely a product or an ornament and for some it is a work of art. Dubai is known for its rich taste in culture and fashion. Jewelry is very valuable to not only women of Dubai but also two men. The style of carrying or wearing a piece of jewelry has changed throughout the years and centuries but its value has never decreased. Who designs have been introduced to the marketplaces worldwide and the value of the jewelry has only increased by each passing day. Wearing jewelry does not always come along with a reason like attending weddings, graduations, award ceremonies, birthday parties or anniversary dinners. Wearing jewelry is always about the mood or how one is feeling. Women can wear a pair of diamond stud earrings to her workplace and a man can do the same with his uniquely designed cufflinks, as presentation matters.


What makes diamond and gold jewelry from Dubai different ? 

The Emirates is called the city of love for a reason. The price of jewelry, especially gold, is very less in this country as compared to the rest of the world. Dubai happens to be the only city with Gold Souk in the whole world, which clearly states that it is also the best city to buy gold. We all know that the price of gold jewelry is rising with each passing year but it may be that buying jewelry in Dubai is tax free which helps a lot in the billing of all over price. The purity of gold bought from Dubai is superior compared to many other countries. Moreover, Dubai's gold market or gold Souk is much more organized, controlled and regulated. Hence, purchasing gold is much safer in Dubai as compared to other countries. Gold and diamond jewelry is different in Dubai from the rest of the world because of its purity.

Should you buy Jewelry in Dubai?

Being the city of gold naturally makes Dubai a great variety in gold designs. Bargaining is a social skill that every woman has. Most of the women can bargain their way into buying expensive gold. The Emirates happened to be the only city where you can bargain for the price of gold. We have always heard that one priority is quality over quantity. Yet here in Dubai there is no limit to the quantity and quantity of gold jewelry. One can not only bargain while buying gold but can also have access to unlimited varieties of golden jewelry.

The gold market in Dubai has its own rules and regulations. All merchandise owned by jewelers is regulated by the government which ensures The authenticity of any gold items sold in Dubai. It is also mandatory for jewelry stores across the city to carry a gold purity hallmark on items they sell and are obliged to provide to their customers upon request. The gold purity hallmark is a certificate that specifies details such as the carrot and weight of actual gold and diamonds in the jewelry and the cost of labor. It also ensures that each purchase is authenticated and can be valued anywhere in the world.

Besides being known as the city of gold Dubai is also known as shoppers Paradise. The gold Souk in Dubai truly depicts the reason as to why this Emirates has been called the City Of Gold. The vast variety of designs and the availability of jewelry, like pendants, bracelet earrings and bangles and easily available in pink, yellow, green, white and even in green gold are always on display with jaw dropping designs. At the Gold Souk there are more than 400 cold shops to choose from and the predominant style of Gold jewelry is available in Arabic, Indian and European style.

Dubai was always praised for exemption from taxes, which was a life saver for many. It is one of the core reasons why people prefer buying jewelry from Dubai whenever they visit the City. Due to the exclusion of taxes in the Emirates, prices for gold and diamond jewelry in Dubai have always been cheaper as buyers would only pay for the value of the jewelry. Although the introduction of the Value Added Tax(VAT) in 2018 does Ievy a 5% tax on any items purchased. Buying gold and diamond jewelry is still considerably cheaper to buy in Dubai as compared to the rest of the world.

Not only this, but The Emirates also keeps itself updated with the latest ongoing trends. These days there is a demand for gold jewelry with lesser weight. Delicate chains and slimmed down bracelets are replacing heavier rings and take bangles, which gives customers a chance to select a design that won't be heavy on their bank account. Nowadays, the UAE has its own recognisable style of jewelry. These very designs reflect the evolution of diamond and gold jewelry throughout the years in Dubai and even all over the world. The rich cultural diversity in the community of the UAE has led to the unmatchable design, quality and prices of the gold and diamond jewelry in Dubai. When it comes to buying gold, the UAE is not on the top list because the prices in the city are very low. Besides being low at price, the quality of the jewelry is unquestionable.


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