Refund and Exchange Policy (UAE Only)

1. Exchange within 24 Hours :

  • Within the initial 24 hours of purchase, customers may request exchanges for unused products acquired from our online store, provided they present a valid original receipt. 
  • Please note that exchanges cannot be processed beyond the initial 24 hours following the delivery of the product. 


2. Refunds :

  • Unused products can be exchanged within 24 hours with the original receipt. 
  • Sale items aren't eligible for exchange or refund unless returned in sellable condition. 
  • Returns for a full refund are accepted within the first 3 days under two conditions:
  • 1. If the item received is significantly different from the description and has undisclosed major damages.

    2. If the item is proven to be inauthentic, provided that the client provides valid proof.

3. Process for Exchange and Refund :

For detailed guidance and to initiate the exchange or refund process, customers are encouraged to visit our official website.

    4. Original Receipt Required :

    To facilitate the processing of exchanges and refunds, a valid original receipt must be presented.

    5. Hassle-Free Return (within 3 Days) :

    Our customers are entitled to a seamless return process within a three-day timeframe from the date of purchase, with a full refund as the outcome.

    6. Communications via Electronic Means :

    • Customers possess the ability to cancel or make modifications to their orders up until the point when said orders are designated as "Processed" in our online order monitoring system. 
    • For orders that have already undergone processing, we kindly request that customers await their arrival and then follow our designated returns procedure. 

    7. Cancellation :

    • It is important to understand that utilization of the website does not confer any intellectual property rights to users. 
    • Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of content is strictly prohibited. 

    8. Rights to Intellectual Property :

    • It is important to understand that utilization of the website does not confer any intellectual property rights to users. 
    • Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of content is strictly prohibited. 

    9. Content :

    • While we are committed to the accuracy and completeness of content, occasional errors may occur. 
    • We strongly recommend the use of up-to-date virus-checking software for your online security. 

    10. Content Created by Users :

    • Users are held responsible for the content they generate. 
    • We retain the right to employ user-generated content for various purposes, including republication. 

    11. Third-Party Sites :

    Our website may feature links to third-party websites and resources. Please be advised that we bear no responsibility for the content, accuracy, or availability of these external sites.

    12. Descriptions :

    We make every possible effort to maintain accurate product descriptions on our website. However, please be aware that variations in colors and quality may be experienced based on your monitor's display capabilities.

    13. Liability :

    • The company holds no liability for any damages incurred by your computer, telecommunications equipment, or other property as a result of accessing our website, using it, or downloading its content. 
    • The aforementioned limitations of liability are in addition to any other constraints as specified in this policy. 

    14. Indemnity :

    Users are requested to defend, indemnify, and hold us, our directors, agents, affiliates, licensors, and suppliers harmless from any claims, damages, costs, and expenses, including legal fees, stemming from their use of the website and any breach of the terms outlined in this policy.

    15. Complete Agreement :

    It is imperative to recognize that these website terms represent the sole and definitive agreement governing your use of our website and any purchases made through it.

    16. No Agency :

    Nothing contained within these terms should be construed as establishing any form of agency, partnership, or joint venture between us.

    17. No Waiver :

    Delays or omissions in exercising rights or remedies under these terms shall not constitute a waiver of those rights or remedies.

    18. Illegality :

    In the event that any term within these terms is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the terms or relevant portions thereof shall remain fully enforceable.

    19. Copyright and Trademark :

    Copyright and trademark rights apply to all material present on our website. Unauthorized usage or distribution is strictly prohibited.

    20. Warranties Exclusions :

    We disclaim any representation or warranty pertaining to the proper functioning of the website, its fitness for use, or its error-free and uninterrupted operation.

    21. Language :

    These website terms are available in both English and Arabic. In the event of discrepancies, the English text shall take precedence.

    22. Disputes and Governing Law :

    These terms are subject to the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai. All disputes arising hereunder are exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.